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  • Bangkok to Singapore– Spend as low as $114 on this flight as you travel by Lion Air, sitting back and enjoying some great leg space and as well as great on air food. We promise such a deal will not be available anywhere else!
  • Akron, Ohio to New York City– Available at as low as $224, travel via American Airlines as you go from Ohio to your new or perhaps another regular New York adventure, while we at Best free travel tips help you with it.
  • Milan, Italy to Singapore- $1092 via Turkish Airline. Book this flight and get on with your Italian and Singapore adventure ahead! Go a super long distance with this, but at a considerably cheap rate.
  • Singapore to Hong Kong- Spend as low as $178 as you travel via Malaysia Airlines, and get onto enjoying your new and amazing Hong Kong Adventure!
  • Kuala Lumpur to Singapore– This flight deal will probably make you cry! This comes at as low as $78 as you get to travel via Silk Air, giving you all the leg space that you need in the world. Don’t waste time as if it is about going to Singapore from Malaysia, we are already giving you the best deal possible! So, why delay?
  • Shanghai to Guangzhou– Traveling within your country but want a cheap rate? Spend as low as $100 on this flight as you go via Air China in a nice and undeniably short trip from one amazing city to another!
  • Dublin, Ireland to London, United Kingdom– Travel from your Irish dream your English adventure in only $66 as you travel by Fly be! Surprised at the tremendously low prices? Keep looking through Best free travel tips as our website is the only place where you will find such cheap flight deals in the US!
  • Macau to Shanghai– We get you this amazing flight trip for as low as $154 as you travel via China Eastern.

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