5 Best Breweries Ohio Has to Offer

5 Best Breweries Ohio Has to Offer

There is debatably anything more relaxing than sipping on a glass of beer on a hot afternoon or sharing a pitcher of craft with your mates while you discuss on topics ranging from politics to latest Marvel movies.

With tons of new breweries opening up in town, Ohio is becoming a fast-growing attraction spot for all beer enthusiasts. The total number of breweries in Ohio has doubled since 2011 and is mostly concentrated in cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

Take a look at these top 10 breweries in Ohio that serve the best craft beers in the city:

Columbus Brewing Company

Situated in the core of Columbus’ noteworthy brewery locale, the Columbus Brewing Company is a staple in the zone. Offering significantly more than their own amazing brews, a visit to the CBC permits you an essence of all that Ohio brings to the table. Alongside an authentic gastropub menu, it also showcases a wide range of beers, straight from the beer tap, including three of their own blends.

RhineGeist Brewery

Rhinegeist literally translates to “Ghost of the Rhine”. It is located in the historic Over-the-Rhine brewery district in Cincinnati. Although the district was home to close to 50 breweries, all of them were shut down during Probation. Rhinegeist opened its doors in 2013. Rhinegeists delivers their own beers in cold kegs to different restaurants and bars in Cincinnati area in air-conditioned vans.

Thirsty Dog

An award-winning brewery and a major competitor in the World Beer Cup, Thirty Dog serves the most popular and the most widely praised brews in Ohio. Their decision to the details, precision, knowledge of ingredients and taste truly make their beer hard to compete with. The beer is made in small batches, thus ensuring its unique quality. The beer is made from high-quality malted barley and only the chosen American and European hops.  Thirsty Dog Brewing is currently available in Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.


Almost 20 years into the trade, The Brew Kettle serves only the highest and most premium quality beer. It was originally known as the Ringneck Brewing Company. It gives it complete dedication and heart and soul into every can of beer that it produces, never compromising with the quality of its products. High-quality beers are available both at the brewpub as well as in local retail stores and shops. You can also brew your own beer from over 70 recipes that are provided at The Brew Kettle.


MadTree is a Cincinnati based community project that aspires to serve a complete experience and not just beer. It offers the Ohians opportunities to spend some quality time with friends or family and engage in hearty conversations over pizza and locally brewed craft beer. It was started as a project of three beer fanatics, thus aptly naming the enterprise ‘MadTree’ after the character madness for the product. With a diverse group of beer and premium quality, MadTree is definitely a success.

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