9 Weirdest Places in Ohio

Every city has its own attractions. Some have amazing lakes, others have great tourist attractions. Yet, once in a while, there are a few places in a city that are so odd and distinct, that they often divert the attention away from the more conventionally attractive tourist spots like the serenity of Lake Erie.

These odd places range from bizarre backyard museums to picnic baskets that are the size of a large building.

  1. House of Trash – Nothing quite reserves the first position as the peculiar House of Trash. One can take a tour around the house of trash, which is a greenhouse that is exclusively made of bottles, cans, tires and recycled barn wood.  The tour that costs only 10 dollars offers a great insight to a sustainable and energy efficient way of life.
  2. Cornhenge – Inspired by the historical Stonehenge, Ohio has its own Cornhenge that features a ‘Field of Corn’. It has 109 ears of corns that are the size of people.
  3. Futuro House – If you are a science geek and have a keen interest in spectacular and odd buildings that look something out of E.T. movie, then Futuro House is a place to be. It looks a lot like a UFO or a middle schooler’s science project.
  4. Vasehenge – Like the Cornhenge is the Vasehenge which showcases a backyard full of life-size vases that people can go and see.
  5. Living Bible Museum – Awaken your religious soul or simply for information and entertainment, take a stroll around the Living Bible museum that houses a number of wax figures that tells the stories of nativity and other such important stories.
  6. American Sign Museum – This is another American museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It houses a variety of signs that have been used and invented throughout history. Trust us when we say, it is not nearly as boring as it can come off as. It can quite interesting for art and pop history enthusiasts.
  7. World’s Largest Basket – This is not your run-of-the-mill basket. It is a seven-storey corporate headquarter which is in the shape of a picnic basket. It is truly a unique and novel artifact and a marvel of architecture that is a must visit for anyone who holds a keen interest in unusual buildings.
  8. Ghost Town in Findley – This is a unique roadside attraction that was created by the Galitza family in the 1950s. An exact replica of a 1880s-era ghost town, this attraction preserves the mystery and culture very well. It features unique art and crafts, antique artifacts made by local vendors and craftsmen.
  • World’s Largest Pumpkin – If the list proves anything, the state loves its life-size artifacts. Keeping up with the trend, is the world’s largest pumpkin, which is actually a pumpkin-shaped water tank tower the small city of Circleville in Pickaway County.

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