walking tours in Madrid

The Best walking tours in Madrid

Walking tours are perhaps the best way to get to know Madrid, to immerse yourself in the symphony of rich culture, taste the exquisite local cuisine, or get lost in the oft overlooked historic lanes. Rather than just scraping the surface, walking tours are a treat to your senses, to get your blood pumping in the pubs in Galway or awaken your inner history enthusiast by taking a tour amongst the remnants of the Spanish civil Way.

We have enlisted, for your benefit, the 5 best Walking Tours Madrid has to offer:

  1. Devour Madrid: As the name suggest, this tour provides a delicate array of hand-picked items, not only to satiate your taste buds, but also your soul. From tapas and taverns, to a walk among the historical flea markets, this tour is the go to for the history enthusiastic foodie in you.
  2. Leaf Madrid Tours: Started with the novel ambition of introducing the tourists to the various facets of art, architecture, history, literature of Madrid, this group is specialized in giving a wholesome tour that is assured to give the 100% satisfaction.
  3. Hemingway Tour – This tour has its main focus on discovering the historical aspects of Madrid like visiting the sites of Spanish Civil war, or the restaurants or pubs thatw ere once a favorite of famous poets and novelists.
  4. Segway Madrid Tours – This tour provides an unforgettable walk through Madrid in a fun and adventurous way. Tourists can hop on the self balancing machines and choose their own ways to discover the lanes on Segway, under the guidance of expert tour conductors.
  5. Madrid day Tours – Tours that accommodate a maximum of six people are at time, it is perfect to get lost in the beauty of the city without too many distractions. It takes you to Toledo, Segovia and El Escorial and the Valley of the Fallen, the eerie monument built by General Franco to the victims of the Spanish Civil War which is also the final resting place of the Spanish dictator.

Tie your shoelaces, put on your shades and get ready for a walk through the mesmerizing history and culture of Madrid.

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