Amusement Parks in Ohio

5 Best Amusement Parks in Ohio

A significant problem that all parents face is how to keep the kids entertained and engaged during their off days and vacations. Summer holidays are often the time of nightmare for most parents out there – Long holidays, scorching sun, and restless children brimming with energy.

How about taking a trip to the nearest amusement park?

And admit it. Amusement Parks are not just fun for the children. Watching a virtual reality show, whooshing down the roller coasters, or swinging on the back of a giant peacock are all great ways to relive your childhood days, and at the same time, take a refreshing break from the drones of office pressure.

Here is a list of the best and the most famous amusement park you can visit if you are living in Ohio. Visitors are also welcome.

1.     Cedar Point

With stunning crazy rides like Top Thrill Dragster and Millenium Force, this second oldest amusement park of the world in northern Ohio, covering 365 sections of land, has suitably earned the tag of being “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World”. Its water rides, for example, Castaway Bay Indoor Water Park Resort and Soak City, are equally charming.

2.     Kings Island

In comparison to Cedar Point, Kings Island is relatively newer. But that hasn’t stopped it from competing with the former in terms of quality and excellence. The unbelievable line up of rides of this 364-acre amusement park can meet the desires of people of every age. Rigging up for the work of art, The Beast and Banshee ride or The Adventure Express to treasure some crucial minutes or summon your fearlessness for seeing its interesting accumulation of 65 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. Nonetheless, in the event that you mean to get tempted by something adventurous, visit its sprawling grounds after the haziness falls, for the site should be spooky by a few spirits like the “cable car young lady” or the “racer kid”.

3.     Coney Island

This amusement park reserves its spot as Ohio’s oldest amusement park, established over a century ago. The park has undergone several renovations and transformations in the time it has been established. The park’s original name was Ohio Grove. It is awesome place to visit in summer because of its amazing water rides.

4.     Troy Aquatic Park

To get some relief from the stinging beams of the sun, take off to this cutting-edge waterpark this summer. With 2 mammoth water slides, a warmed baby pool, drop slide, and so on, nothing can be better than surrendering yourself to this amusement park’s appeal immediately. There are gigantic grassy regions as well – idealize home hangout spots for sunbathers.

5.     I-X Indoor Amusement Park

If you want to want to have the fun of going to an amusement park but want to stay out of the sun as well, then this indoor amusement park is the place to be. Strewn with great rides, cunning recreations, and unwound attractions, this one is certain to turn everything you could ever hope for of a perfect excursion work out as expected. Delve into some scrumptious treats at its outstanding food joints.

6.     Castaway Bay, Sandusky

On the off chance that water sports are your interests, look no more remote than this tropical-themed indoor water stop resort that is claimed by Cedar Fair. Investigate its 6,000-square-foot diversion room, retail shops, and enticing eateries to quench your thirst of regalement.

7.     Stricker’s Grove, Hamilton

You may lease this stop close Ross on the off chance that you intend to hit it with a substantial gathering, as it is possessed and worked by a family. The planning is from mid-May to early October, and the quantity of prisoners must not surpass 500. Go for rides like Kiddie Whip Cars, Boats and Rockets for savoring some life-changing minutes.

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