5 Best Zoos in Ohio

Awaken Your Spirit Animal by Taking a Trip to these 5 Best Zoos in Ohio!

Although the advanced intellectual prowess of Homo sapiens set them apart from all other living creatures, it is of utmost importance to live in harmony with the natural flora and fauna, to only strike a balance in the environment, but also bring in personal peace and tranquility.

All of us are fascinated with some animal or the other. In the present internet age, a great many are fond of cats. The rest, perhaps dogs. Besides the warm and fuzziness of domesticated animals, there is great majesty and wisdom in wild animals.

If you have a love for the wild side of nature or the brilliant and magnificent animals, you have to visit these 5 zoos in Ohio:

1.     Akron Zoo, Akron

The Akron Zoo is a 50-acre which has been transformed into a non-benefit zoo. The Akron Zoo is home to more than 700 wild animals. The zoo attracts approximately 400,000 guests yearly. The creature displays are partitioned into six diverse themed zones containing creatures from various places of the world. The Akron Zoo is authorized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). As an AZA member, Akron Zoo takes a keen interest in rearing projects to save endangered species of animals.

2.     Toledo Zoo, Toledo

Toledo Zoo displays more than 9000 animals belonging to around 800 different species. From polar bears to Lions, one can find all kinds of animals in this zoo. However, the most famous attraction is the Hippopotamus. The exhibits are well suited to children. Another great feature of the Toledo zoo is that the animals are allowed to roam about freely and the visitors are also permitted to feed the animals like giraffes. It is debatably one of the best zoos in all of U.S. The animals are treated with care and love. The zoo also permits a zoo membership. From a wide collection of exotic animals, to a top-notch aquarium, this is a must visit for anyone who likes going to zoos. 

3.     Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has been recognized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for both its wide range of exhibits of wild animals and their conservation efforts. Somewhere in the range of 575 species from around the globe are displayed, and the zoo contributes more than $1 million every year to more than 70 charities throughout the world. Jack Hanna, America’s most well-known zookeeper, fills in as the executive emeritus of the Columbus Zoo.

4.     Memphis Zoo, Tennessee

Memphis Zoo is most famous for its adorable collection of a pair of Giant Pandas named Ya Ya and Lee Lee. It is one of the only four zoos in the whole USA to house these animals. It is a leader in conservation of endangered species as well as educates people on the need to preserve wildlife. Zoo researchers are organizing field thinks about for jeopardized species that will have any kind of effect amongst survival and elimination.

5.     African Safari Wildlife Park

African Safari Wildlife welcomes individuals of all ages. The park features both drive through and walk through safaris that are entertaining for everyone. They exhibit animal shows, pig races, and many more alluring events. The visitors can even interact with the animals. The kids can watch and even feed the animals. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the animals from up close. It is a spectacular safari that lets you get as close as possible to the fauna and wildlife without being in the harm’s way for even one second.

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