Marvels of Minnesota

The Marvels of Minnesota

We discussed the states of the midwest of America but we need to include Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota.


This state is inown as the land of 10,000 lakes. The northern side of this state is next to Canada. Major cities include Bloomington, Duluth, Minneapolis, Rochester, St Couud, and St Paul. The state enjoys Lake Superior as one of the 5 Great Lakes we mentioned before to our travellers. 

As Minniapolis is the largest city in this state. Highlighted by museums, American art, theatures of music, and a major zoo for children and family. A state fair in Mineapolis occurs in August of every year. Home of the Minesota Vickings professional football team. the city includes the higher educaton of both private and public colleges.

Many restaurnats and food to enjoy while visiting the area. There are nmerous cafes for coffee, pizza, and family restaurants. Known for breweries of producing beer. Over recent years many of these businesses have started.

If planning to visit Bloomington, there is an interest of public transportation or choosing to go by car. The city offers the convenience of an international airport. 

Visit two major  aquiriums, civic centers to attend music and plays. If you love snow there is skiing and snow boarding. 

The economy consists of banking, insurance, manufacting, and other industries. The kanor universities and colleges of a vested interest of the job markets in this area. 

The state capital located in St Paul where the summers are hot and the winters are extremely cold. Tourists have the option to travel by car or public transportation. This city offers museums, theaters for entertainment, a science museum, historic churches, and other sites to visit.

People in this state enjoy carnivals, the state fair, and other family activities. We mentioned there are public colleges like the Univerisity of Minnesota, St Paul College, and Metropolitan State University.

Again people love food and this city because of the variety of foods at local restaurants. 

Of course you can visit other cities in the state that have special things to do and sites to see.

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