Tips and Tricks of Travel

Tips and Tricks of Travel

We recommend before planning your vacation or any kind of travel always remember where do people going and why?

The other question is why not to travel to a particular area?

We recommend before travelling to a specific destination is to consider the political and economic conditions of a particular geographical point of travel. Sometimes common sense is a determining factor. For an example of places where people are not traveling to is Madagascar. This country is having political issues and is a place others are not planning to visit. If you live in the United States we have sources like the State Department that gives us reviews of where to visit. This includes traveling anywhere in the world. Again there are several sources to review and research before making a decision on where is the place to visit. These resources are online by typing travel resources.

The positive point of view to travel in 2018 is going somewhere to meet nice people and learn about their culture. North America has three counties with high tourism. This includes Canada, United States, and Canada. 

Canada in the north colludes beautiful mountains, great lakes to fish, and food and entertainment. We question of what is important to you? What are your hobbies? What is the cost to consider? Many Canadians are French but there are other people that migrated to this country from all over the world. There are different religions that include Christians, Muslims, and other groups.

We made comments earlier that the great nation of the United States have many reasons to visit. Great National Parks. There are large, medium, and small cities to visit. Simply look at the U.S in four major sections like the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest. Never exclude to visit Alask and Hawaii. Over the years many tourists have travelled to these beautiful areas. 

Mexico is known for history and beaches. If you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and the beautiful waters of the ocean the this is the place to see. Here is a list  of highly recommended Mexican beaches:

Playa del Carmen


Puerto Vallarta

Play La Ropa

Cancun Beach

Playa del Amor

Playa Norte

Takem Mayan

Of course Mexico is known for history and culture. We recommend to research to learn about culture, language, and history. 

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One important factor of traveling is the time of year. Do you prefer cold weather? Do you like certain things to do like hiking, fishing, swiming, food, and entertainment. The world is full of fun and memories.

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