Tourist Attractions in America

Top 9 Tourist Attractions in America that Should Be in Your Bucket List!

Being one of the largest countries in the world, coupled with a large and diverse population, America holds a treasure of opportunities for all wayfarers. Most of us, when we think of taking a vacation, we plan or traveling to some exotic land with wild trees and clear blue skies, all the while ignoring the breath-taking beauty and vast traveling opportunities that America has to offer. The country has everything from the polished look of metropolitan cities, with tall skyscrapers kissing the blue skies to the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon and sunny beaches of Hawaii. You do not have to be a native to enjoy these marvels. America is often overlooked as a travel destination for its large cities and rapid industrialization. You can give a quick look at the internet to realize for yourself what a beauty America is! Better still, with the advent and progress of tourism business, you can get cheap airline and flights tickets to the USA, as well as get good deals on hotel bookings.

For anyone who has enough time on their hands and a heart to discover new places, these 10 places have got to be there on your bucket list!

•    Niagara Falls – Located on the border between US and Canada, Niagra Falls is debatably one of the best-known waterfalls in the whole world. Niagara Falls actually consists of three separate falls, the largest of them being the Horseshoe Falls. It is one of the most visited tourist spots, attracting up to 14 million people every year.

•    Yellowstone National Park – The oldest national park in the USA is actually home to a giant volcano. The National Park was created in 1872 to conserve the natural wonders of the place including hot springs and geysers, waterfalls and the vast wildlife consisting of bison, bears, and antelopes.

•    Grand Canyon – One of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the whole world, the Grand Canyon is a specimen of great landscape and picturesque natural beauty.

•    Time Square – Venturing away from the natural wonder, Time Square in a man-made wonder that sits in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. This place is flooded especially during the New Year’s Eve when people from far and wide come commemorate the memories of the past year and welcome the New Year with the huge ball drop. From rushing yellow taxis to luxurious designer shops, this is the place to be for an interesting and impactful experience.

•    French Quarter – The famous French Quarter in New Orleans is synonymous with old world jazz, parades and a unique chance to get lost in the history and charm of the diverse and nostalgic culture.

•    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – If you are a music buff, or have a keen interest in the rock music and its history, you just cannot miss out on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio. With a huge assortment of memorabilia and photos, there is more information that you can possibly soak up.

•     Las Vegas strip – You can tour the whole world just by walking along the strip of Las Vegas. From recreations of Eiffel Tower to New York skyline, the place is a sight to behold at night when it comes alive with lights and color. The place is best known for its casino and amusement parks for adults. You can treat yourself with a delightful mix of eclectic shows, luxurious hotels, and sinfully good casinos.

•    Statue of Liberty – Perhaps the most associated emblem with the USA, it is also the largest statue in the world. Visitors are encouraged to make a prior reservation because the statue is often overcrowded with enthusiastic tourists. It is located in the New York Harbor and stands at 150ft tall.

•     White House – You just cannot take a trip around America and not pay a visit to the White House. It is the official residence of the President of America. Originally built in 1792, the building was rebuilt in 1818. It was the home to all American presidents, except the very first, George Washington.

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